How to make a married man fall in love with you once and for all

Love sometimes gives us unexpected surprises. It has no principles, prohibitions and restrictions. Love gives us wings and provides us with a wide variety of feelings and emotions. But what to do if the heart is captured by the love that a sober mind resists? How to behave if you fell in love with a captive man and it is no longer possible to sleep, eat, breathe without him. And the feelings became stronger than condemnation, contempt, fear... Should I run or fight for this love? If you stay, then how to get a married man? What are the recommendations for making your chosen one fall in love, behavioral strategies, tips and common female mistakes?

Is the game worth the candle?

When entering into a relationship with a married man, realize that along this path, in addition to wonderful moments, endless disappointments await you. Loneliness during the holidays, the impossibility of relaxing together, the realization that he sleeps not only with you, although he claims the opposite, and in the event of an unplanned pregnancy, it is not at all a fact that the baby will have a full-fledged family.

More and more often the question arises in your head: “when will he get divorced”? But there is no answer, your loved one still avoids crowded places, does not introduce you to friends and is not delighted with offers to go to the theater or an exhibition.

Year after year passes, but the situation does not change. If a woman does not complain about loneliness, always looks well-groomed and is ready to experiment in bed, the relationship can last a long time. The male ego amuses the attention of two loved ones, why break off the usual ties if everything is so good?

The relationships between married people and their mistresses are funny only in jokes; in reality, they are an endless internal struggle, jealousy and unfulfilled hopes.

Sometimes young ladies start a short-term affair with a married man for mercantile reasons, for example, financial support, career advancement. Without realizing that he was used, a man can become seriously attached to his mistress, or she herself, having received what she wants, will not be able to stop in time.

Falling in love develops into addiction, and then jealousy becomes the driving force. First you prove to yourself that the stamp in your passport is not that important, and then you painfully look for excuses for his indecisiveness. Take off your rose-colored glasses, don't waste time.

Statistics is an impartial science. If a man did not try to tell his wife about his affair on the side, and did not leave the family within a year, he will not leave his wife for his mistress.

However, it also happens differently when feelings cover like a tsunami, and a reassessment of one’s own achievements begins, which psychologists call a midlife crisis. The young, elastic body of the mistress beckons day and night, she is not eccentric and is always in a good mood, then another way of development of events is possible.

Sex and nothing personal

Before seducing a married man for sex, a lady must clearly define the boundaries of what is permitted. If you only want pranks from a man, then you shouldn’t allow emotional boundaries to be violated. Interest in sports and love-carrots are incompatible. So you need to be confident, first of all, in your emotional stability.

There are no special techniques for seducing a married man for sex. Enough cute coquetry, outright flirting, unambiguous hints. Moreover, there is no need to behave like a “Turgenev young lady”. In this case, “cuteness” is of no use. Men easily succumb to the provocation of harsh seduction. Of course, if their moral stability is not particularly ironclad.

The funny thing is that many are frightened by such frank pressure, and while they are in prostration, they can be taken lukewarm. Sometimes men are downright stupid and blink their eyes in confusion. They really don't understand what they want from them. In this case, you just need to tell him about it directly and frankly. Men love frankness and quickly give up their boundaries if confronted with a fact.

What do married people lack?

In one word – diversity. The fervor of feelings for his wife has subsided somewhat; with almost 100% probability, a man can predict her reaction to a particular situation. Those who lack attention, freedom, and love also look for connections on the side. Some find an outlet in fishing, drinking, while others calm down in the arms of another woman.

To the question “why do men cheat,” one psychologist answered – because they can. They need sex, and intimacy with a new partner gives unknown sensations.

The conqueror's instinct is fully satisfied. However, male infidelity cannot be reduced only to the satisfaction of a physiological need; often a married man completely sincerely loves both women.

Rules of seduction

Popular wisdom says that it is unrealistic to take away a man in love, so the goal of seduction is to awaken in him sincere feelings for your person. For this, there are several simple and proven rules that help to seduce and make the object of passion fall in love with you, even if the chosen one is officially committed to another woman. Hunters by nature, representatives of the stronger sex cannot go against their nature: the longer a man is married, the greater the chance of making him fall in love with you. A few rules of seduction:

  • Attract attention. There will be no problems with this if the object of your desire has been married for many years, there is a chance that life with your wife is boring, has turned into a routine, and the man wants something new. A well-groomed appearance, to the extent of coquetry, mystery, sincerity and naturalness - this is a happy recipe that will help you draw attention to yourself.
  • Communication. Meeting a man and unobtrusive communication (preferably regular) increase the chances of awakening interest in you. It is ideal if you are connected by common affairs or interests, which helps you get to know a man better and be “on the same wavelength” with your chosen one.
  • The more inaccessible, the more attractive. Acquaintance, pleasant communication, positive emotions, assent and praise help to arouse a man’s interest; after a while, move away so that the object of your desire feels how much he misses communication with you. Lead your chosen one to the idea that only you are capable of being a source of positive emotions, and other women are not.
  • Intimate relationships. At an early stage, categorically avoid, otherwise the man will lose interest in the woman. It is permissible to make only indirect hints, and it is better after the “lay low” phase, then it will make sense to open a new page in your close relationships.

How to get his attention?

If you are lost in love with a married man and are ready to do anything to seduce him, act unobtrusively and carefully. How to please a married man? In order for him to show interest, you need to make sure that your appearance is associated with pleasant emotions, the resolution of a problem, and a good mood.

Do you work in the same office? Catch his eye, more often, when you need to prepare or send a document, suggest an email address, the correct translation of a word, but do it naturally, with a sweet smile. You must become indispensable, create a comfort zone around you, let him feel at ease and pleasant next to you.

The average wife quite rarely praises her chosen one, fill in the blank, give an unobtrusive compliment to his intelligence or skill. You can praise for everything - professionalism, courage, elegance, ability to drive a car, sporting achievements.

Wives usually do not spoil their spouses with compliments, fill in the gap. But don’t act like a nightingale and don’t stoop to outright flattery, act carefully.

How to make a married man fall in love with you? A well-groomed face, a beautiful manicure, a good haircut are indispensable attributes of seduction. Don’t dress like you’re on a catwalk, wearing several gold jewelry at the same time, follow the office dress code, the clothes are not conspicuous, and are perfectly tailored to your figure. Deep necklines, ultra-short skirts and bright makeup are taboo, it’s vulgar.

Aerobatics: “saint”4

What if you come across a pathologically correct specimen? Nothing in theory. To encroach on such a “swan” in human form is blasphemy. But, if you really are so impatient, then it will require painstaking work that will take a lot of time. It will be necessary not only to gain trust. It is important to become the shadow of such a person. He must get used to the fact that next to him is a kind of “Decembrist”.

This is the only way to lull his vigilance. You need to act carefully. This man shouldn't suspect anything. If you flirt, do it undercover. If you flirt, do it very subtly. In general, very few people can seduce such a specimen. But, if this happens, and he really falls in love, then there is a 99.9% chance that he will leave the family. His pathological honesty will not allow him to fool his wife.

Signs of a married man in love

An intelligent man will not seduce a woman, trying to get her into bed as quickly as possible. There will certainly be a candy-bouquet period. A man is able to understand the complexity of the situation and the extent of the possible tragedy, especially if the lady is not free.

Taking care of her reputation is the first sign of falling in love. Perhaps he will stop for a while, or even stop courtship. A professional womanizer, who is no stranger to trailing behind every skirt, is not bothered by such difficulties; it is important for him to get new sensations in sex.

How to understand that a married man is madly in love? The gentleman is ready to talk about his beloved all day long, asks mutual acquaintances about her, tries to study her habits, gives sweet surprises and expensive gifts, asks for opinions, and tries to help solve everyday problems that arise. The entire space around the object of adoration is filled with the energy of his attraction; it is impossible not to notice.

Long distance relationship rules

The Internet has penetrated into all areas of human life. Many couples meet on social networks, date, and then get married. But often a man and a woman are in different cities, located at a great distance from each other. Then they can communicate mainly by correspondence.

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Over time, the woman understands that talking alone cannot take the relationship to a new level. Then psychological techniques come to her aid:

  1. A woman should not ask about her wife, much less compare herself with her. After a long conversation, the man himself will begin to talk about his life. The interlocutor can only notice the shortcomings of the spouse, which the chosen one reports.
  2. You cannot discuss or criticize your wife’s appearance. After all, once a man fell in love with her, perhaps for her appearance. And it will be unpleasant for him to hear a negative opinion.
  3. Men love to eat well. A mistress can start a conversation about his favorite dishes and hint that she likes to cook them, and the taste is divine. The woman will look like a good housewife, and the wife will look like a lazy person, unable to perform culinary miracles.
  4. It is necessary to take photographs from favorable angles and show them to the gentleman one by one, stirring up his interest. Each time you can send more and more explicit shots, but not vulgar ones.

If a woman knows how to interest a man, how to win his heart, then even through the Internet she can achieve the desired result.

Common Mistakes

The comfortable conditions created at the beginning of the relationship must be maintained with all our might, because a family man has already had a sad experience when the sweet girl he once married became uninteresting, which brought him to you. How to win a married man, and what not to do so as not to destroy the image of an intelligent, caring and understanding woman?

  • Hurry up with the divorce, regularly reminding you of this promise. If a man has not started such a conversation, you should not mention the possible breakup of your previous relationship.
  • Criticize the actions of your wife and children, rejoice at the problems that arise in the family, compare yourself and your spouse.
  • Invite your relatives and friends to your house without coordinating their visit with your loved one in advance.
  • Whining about loneliness during the holidays and lack of attention does not add tenderness to relationships. You knew that the man was married and should be prepared for restrictions.
  • Talk about future children, buying a joint home or car.
  • A lover already has enough stressful situations in his life; reproaches for being late for a date or unexpected problems in bed hurt his pride.

A woman's impeccable appearance is an important component of an extramarital affair.

And, remember, if there were difficulties in the relationship from the very beginning, you felt discomfort, you often had to sacrifice something, it is not worth continuing. Love is a bright feeling, it always brings joy and gives a feeling of flight. Enjoy every minute of happiness!

Accidental marriage3

How to seduce a married man by accident? Yes Easy. These men are still walkers. They will spend their entire lives looking at someone else's stall. Taking one like this couldn't be easier. The same techniques work with them as with single people: coquetry, flirting, hints, pressure. Moreover, the more games and fun, the better. In general, ease and ease are two components of a successful hunt. The only thing that needs to be taken into account is the lack of strength of such relationships.

Such men will never value their mistress. They just don’t really need her: there are already plenty of people around who will agree to sex without obligation. Counting on the fact that he will leave the family... well, unless his wife burns down his “party” and throws his suitcases over the threshold, and he will not voluntarily get a divorce. And even then, most likely, after the divorce, there will be nothing for the huntress. This “rabbit” will “whore” all his life.

Is it necessary?

To begin with, it would not be superfluous to evaluate without guile how necessary this is for yourself. After all, being a mistress means coming to terms with the fact that a man is around only sometimes, that the chosen one on the side is not the person who will calm and caress at any moment, as they say, “lender a shoulder” and help.

It would be nice to decide on the question of whether he needs this connection. Perhaps he calls less often now and avoids meeting with mutual friends. Was the time spent together needed only to satisfy passion or did the man need more than just sex?

Remembering the first meetings, it is necessary to analyze what pushed the partners into a joint embrace, whether any obligations were expressed at the beginning of the love affair, whether the renewal of the connection will bring joy and peace to both partners.

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