Statuses about lies and deception with meaning
I have no way to communicate. Since I am in a state of intensive care due to repeated female deception.
Who is an optimist, a pessimist, a realist and a don’t care?
12/27/201716 871 Reading time: 9 min. Hooray, abstract topic! Optimist, pessimist, realist and indifference
Be careful with impulsive men
How to politely and gracefully refuse a guy without offending him
A person by nature is inclined to look for a soul mate similar to himself: the same principles, understanding, views
Femininity through the eyes of guys, or a view from the outside
08/23/201603/29/2019 Nadezhda Plotnikova When describing the ideal representative of the fair half of humanity, guys often mention the following characteristic:
How to understand what you want from life: psychological tests. Take everything from life
October 9, 2018 Personality psychology Ekaterina Nikolaeva Every person wants to live his life on
How to get rid of melancholy: 4 X 10 techniques and golden rules
In psychology, melancholy is considered to be a whole complex of strong negative emotions, in which we can distinguish
neurobics exercises
By pumping up your muscles, you strengthen your intellect. How can movement help you become an excellent student?
How to keep a clear mind Neurobics is a brain exercise that makes it possible to develop
What to do if your child is afraid to sleep alone in the room
No matter how tired you are of some people, go back to an empty apartment and sit
How to become a confident man and increase your self-esteem
A person often underestimates his strength in the short term and overestimates it in the long term.
Reflections on selfishness and altruism in human evolution
Yuri Arshavsky, Doctor of Biological Sciences, University of California (San Diego, USA) “Nature” No. 9, 2020 In loving memory
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