How to make a girl fall in love with you - 10 ways that work flawlessly

Ivan Vdovin

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Somewhat too strong and promising headline, don’t you think? And yet, how to make a girl fall in love with you, 10 ways that work flawlessly - this is all conditional and I would say to better attract the attention of readers. In this article, I will, of course, talk about several simple ways to make a woman fall in love with you, but the main emphasis should be on your personal qualities and developing them.

I’m telling you honestly, just reading the article and starting to make every first girl fall in love with you won’t work. But if you really want all the girls to be “crazy” for you, then it’s better to talk to a psychologist, most likely you have a strong complex that your mother didn’t like you in childhood and you are looking for this love in the girls around you. Either you are simply greedy for attention, and even worse, you want to take revenge on all the girls for unrequited love. Here it is important to understand what goal you are pursuing.

What does it mean to fall in love?

I'm sure how many people live on the planet, so many have different opinions and feelings about love and everything connected with it. But let's just do a little analysis from a psychological point of view, what is love?

Love is attachment, involvement with an object. One might even say dedication. That is, a person in love can do not everything, but a lot for the object of his desire. But the object that is loved can calmly manipulate the subject who is in love with him. Is this love? More likely manipulation or, alternatively, unrequited love.

Psychologists would NOT want you to know these secrets about yourself

—Imagine this situation...
What if, instead of paying for years for useless consultations with a psychologist, in 21 days you can work with yourself? Get rid of negative thoughts and states forever. And instead live a calm and happy life? Stop living in stress due to relationships or constant lack of money?

Tell me this is impossible?

I thought so too, until I started working with myself


My name is Ivan, I am 35 years old, and I have been practicing psychology for 15 years. I have studied all the basic methods and techniques through which I help people find happiness. NLP, hypnosis, body-image therapy. I was invited on television as an expert.

And it was... just a nightmare!

I lived in a state of depression for 7 years (constant stress exhausted me). I had a lot of low self-confidence (my self-esteem was below 0). I could not calmly communicate with people, it seemed to me that I was not worthy of them.

The relationship did not work out (because I was very negative, jealous, a doormat). I’m generally silent about decent earnings; I earned 15,000 rubles a month and thought that was the limit. I didn’t want to live... Envy.

The worst thing is, I thought I would have to live like this forever, and I don’t deserve love and happiness.

But it only got worse, negative states fell on me like a snowball. It felt like I was sitting in a deep, black hole from which there was no way out. Hopelessness, despair, pain, resentment.

My life has turned into endless torture. But then a miracle happened...


One day my father came home from work, a little drunk, although he never drank much.

He came into the kitchen..., looked at me with a dissatisfied expression and began to say with anger how worthless I was, how I couldn’t do anything, and in general, how sorry he was that he was my father.

At first I felt severe mental pain (this is very painful to hear from my family). Then I got offended (does that mean I’m not a favorite son?!) And then an insight came to me...

I received that magical kick that I had been waiting for all my life. It changed my thinking, my life and my relationships with my environment.

I had already forgiven my father simply because he told me the truth and I was happy about it!

But then the most interesting thing began...

Literally 5 minutes later I was already sitting at the computer and writing out all the psychological (!) methods of working with myself.

I was even confused, because my plans were to continue to suffer all my life.

It was such an incredible feeling of freedom and desire to do something that I burst into tears of happiness.


If you think that you cannot change your life, become rich or successful, or create a happy relationship - you are mistaken!

You can change your life by changing your thinking and the main thing is to do it EASILY!

• 5 simple and powerful methods of working with yourself (they work even if you use them incorrectly) - You don’t have to turn to psychologists, you are your own psychologist.

• “The secret method” of working through any negative state. This will allow you to eliminate the negative and switch to the positive in 5 minutes.

• 15 minutes a day - Just 15 minutes a day to change your life 180 degrees. Become happier and more joyful.

• Saving up to 100,000 rubles in 1 year - You will save on trips to a psychologist, and spend the saved money on a vacation by the sea.

• 21 days – It only takes 21 days for you to see changes in your life. You will start smiling. Wake up with joy.


For 7 days, access to the “Guide to Changing Yourself” will be free, everyone can download it from Telegram using the button below.

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We continue, but the object with whom we fell in love decided to break off relations with the subject who loves. How does the subject feel? Most likely, he begins to feel even stronger “love” for the object and at the same time suffer. Well, affection.

So here is the question, is this love? No, this is a kind of dissatisfaction with life and a pathological desire to suffer from unrequited love. That is, we do not love a person, but simply feel a loss and some desire to fill the emptiness in our soul. Once again, this is suffering, not love.

Looking ahead, I will say that a person who is perfectly aware of his emotions will never fall in love in such a way as to suffer and try to fill the loss. It’s all self-pity and the desire to be “loved more.”

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But may God grant everyone to experience such a strong and real feeling of love, take my word for it, this is a cool feeling and in it you can calmly forgive any person or let him marry another person. I felt this during one meditation, it’s a very cool feeling and no drug can compare with it.

Preparing for the ritual

It is better to fast for 1-2 weeks before the planned ritual. You should refrain from drinking alcohol, chatting with friends, reading newspapers, watching TV and other distractions. During this period, it is important to remain alone with yourself.

Select date, time and place

The right time will help enhance the magical effect. Love spells are best cast during the waxing moon phase. Midnight is considered the best time, although dawn also has special powers.

Friday, Wednesday and Saturday are “feminine” - on these days it will be easier for you to tune in to the soft energy of the chosen girl. You should not cast magic on Sundays, as well as on church holidays, because your actions will not bring positive results.

When choosing a favorable time, many parameters are taken into account.

The ceremony is carried out in a secluded place without extraneous sounds and other irritants (if it doesn’t work out at home, then you can go to the forest).

Selecting attributes to enhance the plot

Not all people have sufficiently powerful energy to carry out a distance connection, but it can be strengthened with the help of correctly selected attributes.

You can use candles brought from church. Part of the ritual may be a photograph of the girl. But it’s better to have your chosen one’s personal item with you, be it a lock of hair, a comb, a toothbrush, or a scarf.

How to make a girl fall in love with you, 10 ways that work flawlessly

And I repeat once again, here there will only be recommendations on how to make a girl fall in love with you. Don’t expect 100% results, as everything depends only on you and your psychological/spiritual/financial/healthy development. These are all important parameters, of course, but secondary. It is possible without them. But once again, everything depends only on you.

Be persistent

One of the important qualities for a man is his perseverance; with such qualities, a man can not fall in love with a girl, but simply conquer her, take her, so to speak, with his unshakable confidence. 90% of girls like male persistence and are ready to meet just like that, just to feel conquered.

The downside to assertiveness is that men don't use it in conjunction with flexibility. Without flexibility, persistence turns into banging your head against the wall, even though the door is 1 meter to the left. Therefore, if you want to make a girl fall in love with you, then train your perseverance more, but use it only together with flexibility, more about it below.


  • Refusal of negativity
  • Give compliments
  • Take breaks

Hello, dear readers of my blog! Not all women are willing to show their feelings. Not all of them see the real emotions of a man, and therefore many questions arise.

If you are in love and are thinking about how to tie a girl to you, psychology will give you some simple but very effective advice. True, it is necessary to remember that each of us is responsible for those whom we tame. Before using tips and practices, I would advise you to think several times.

Perhaps you should just show your true face, do everything to make a woman love you, and not the image that you are going to use?

How to become confident, be liked by girls and strengthen your inner core?

The main reason for success with money and with women is self-confidence. But what if you weren't raised to be confident?

What to do if internal self-esteem does not allow you to realize yourself and this causes internal pain and resentment?

In 30 minutes we will find the root of self-doubt and solve it so that it no longer exists in your life.

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