Think positive: 4 ways to improve your mental state H&F has chosen four techniques that will not replace a specialist, but will help to significantly improve your psychological health.

What is peace of mind

Peace of mind is a state in which a person feels harmony with the world around him. A state of peace and mental balance is characteristic of those people who:

  • optimistic;
  • know how to control their emotions;
  • have a high level of stress resistance;
  • know how to enjoy life.

The state of peace of mind and harmony is inextricably linked with the positive energy of the individual. Even the ancient sages said: “You only find harmony with yourself and with the world when internal balance becomes your constant characteristic.”

A state of mental balance is associated with good health, psychological health, and constructive thoughts. Psychologists are sure that this is a state that stimulates a person to achieve life goals, do good deeds, and help loved ones.

The concept of mental balance is multifaceted, because each person puts his own personal meaning into this phrase. According to a person who is experiencing financial difficulties, peace of mind comes to people along with money. People with chronic diseases believe that they can only restore peace of mind and peace of mind if they are cured. They don’t know how to become happy differently, to find their purpose. Lonely people believe that they can only become happy through communication with loved ones, since they can be trusted with anything.

Negative and positive states

Negative states include: • suffering; • anger; • disgust; • contempt; • shame.

These are asthenic emotions that negatively affect the body, worsen well-being and reduce the supply of vital energy. There is a feeling of chills, shortness of breath, blood circulation slows down, and muscle tone decreases.

Positive emotional states are positive emotions perceived by the subject as good health and mood: joy, interest, satisfaction. They are accompanied by a beneficial expansion of small blood vessels, blood flow to organs, and an increase in motor activity.

Why do many people lack a sense of harmony?

Faced with negativity every day, people suffer from psychosomatic disorders. From my work experience, I can say that the question of how to find peace of mind and balance is most often asked by women. The causes of internal imbalance, loss of harmony and mental balance are:

  • unpredictable changes in life (for example, stress);
  • internal personality conflicts;
  • political and economic instability in life;
  • flows of negativity in the media;
  • increased personal anxiety;
  • lack of stability, uncertainty in the future;

The question of how to find peace of mind in life is often asked by people suffering from cancer, pathologies of the heart and blood vessels, and digestive problems. Sick people seek medical help, but doctors treat only the body, ignoring illnesses of the soul. As a result, health is restored slowly.

When clients ask me: “How to find peace of mind and peace of mind?”, I invite them to put things in order in their lives, fill their lives with positive emotions, and isolate themselves from the flow of negativity.

Everything is bad

But it also happens that cats scratch at your soul. Everything is sliding into the abyss, but there is nothing to grab onto. The day was not a success, love has passed, and there is complete loneliness around. Statuses are about a state of mind when someone’s support would be nice. Share your pain.

  1. Yes, time heals, it just hurts... and without anesthesia.
  2. Be patient. Another day, week, month. It should pass. Everything passes.
  3. There is pain for which you cannot apologize...
  4. There are just moments when you want to turn on music in your headphones and be alone...
  5. Sometimes the only way to appreciate what you have is to see what it's like without it.
  6. Sometimes we open our souls to the wrong things!
  7. It is always easy to understand other people's problems. It’s difficult to clear away the rubble in your...
  8. If memories faded as quickly as people, life would be easier.
  9. Death is not scary. It's sad, but not scary. Death is peace and ease. Life is much scarier...
  10. I would like to tell someone how I feel, but they won’t understand.
  11. Sometimes you just want to tell some people: “Thank you for everything.” And leave their lives. Forever.
  12. I've been alone for too long. I am an angel of loneliness who can fly away, but no one will even notice.
  13. Loneliness is not a status on social networks... it is a special state of mind.
  14. My heart is empty inside. It was as if there had never been life in it. It's like I was always alone...
  15. A mug of hot coffee and a rainy day. Favorite music in headphones and an inexplicable feeling of emptiness and loneliness...
  16. It’s rainy at heart, but my eyes are smiling. My heart hurts, but there is peace on my face. No one will know what it's like to love and hope... but not be with him.
  17. Money can buy almost everything - except the warmth of the human heart...
  18. You try to understand, but nothing comes out. You try to run, but you can't see the road. You try to sleep, but the visions don't come. And the soul disappears, you become a shadow...

Benefits of Peace of Mind

It is important for every person to understand how to regain peace of mind, because this state makes life better. The benefits of this condition are as follows:

  1. Knowing how to achieve peace of mind and tranquility, a person finds the path to happiness. In this state, he is able to work effectively without causing harm to his health.
  2. The ability to consciously control one's emotions protects an individual from burnout, depression and stress. Calm people are less likely to suffer from digestive disorders and heart problems.
  3. If a person knows how to gain peace of mind, then he knows the path to longevity.
  4. Peace of mind and harmony help to find a balance between work and rest. The body needs proper rest, since overstrain and overtime at work lead to a person becoming irritable, nervous, and aggressive.

How nutrition helps cope with anxiety

And to reduce the factors that influence a person’s anxious state, it is necessary to reconsider your diet. It will be useful to exclude harmful, spicy, smoked, sweet foods and alcohol from it. It is necessary to eat healthy, fresh food more often. It is possible to use herbal infusions for their intended purpose. Medicines should be taken only on the recommendation of a doctor.

How to find peace of mind - advice from a psychologist

Since it is very important for every person to gain peace of mind, I recommend to my clients to change their lives. In order to become happy, you need:

  1. Get enough sleep. A good night's sleep is the key to harmony and well-being. Sleep is necessary for the body to restore spent energy. You should not watch TV in the evening, as movies and TV shows make the brain work and have a stimulating effect on the nervous system. When falling asleep, it is recommended to remember all the good things that happened during the day.
  2. Eat properly. You should start the day with a light breakfast. A person should eat the largest amount of food at lunch. Dinner should be light.
  3. Plan your day correctly. There should be nothing unnecessary on the desktop. Psychologists recommend leaving behind the habit of taking work home. Your daily plan must include time for walks, meeting with friends, reading fiction, and creativity.
  4. Develop self-confidence. You need to give yourself only positive attitudes. If you couldn’t cope with some task, don’t blame yourself for it. It is better to think about where the mistake was made and correct it. Failures should become an impetus for personal growth and self-development.
  5. Conduct psychological relaxation sessions. This unloading must be carried out in the middle of the working day. For a few minutes you need to put everything aside, sit comfortably, close your eyes and imagine a beautiful landscape, the sound of the wind, the singing of birds. Having reached a state of serenity, you need to slowly open your eyes and return to your business.
  6. Think positively. It is important to try to think about the good, to remember pleasant life events more often. You need to look for ways to learn something new.
  7. It is necessary to improve self-control skills and develop stress resistance. These important skills will help you constructively assess the situation and make the right decisions.
  8. Learn to enjoy life. To do this, you need to learn to live in the present, not regret the past and make plans for the distant future. There is no need to rush things: everything will happen when it is supposed to happen.
  9. Get a pet. Psychologists have proven that communicating with a dog or cat helps to achieve peace and tranquility.
  10. Tell people thanks. This will not be difficult, but will bring joy to a person. Women's hearts are especially susceptible to gratitude.
  11. Help people. It is important for every person to feel supported. Helping others makes a person feel needed.

A state of harmony requires a fundamental change in thinking. To live in harmony with yourself, you need to get rid of negative thoughts, strive for self-realization, and engage in creativity.


The most frequently mentioned and described in detail form of the infusion of God in the patristic works is the acquisition of the Holy Spirit


- “Truly, there is only one seal of Christ - the illumination of the Holy Spirit, although there are many types of His influences and many signs of His power” (Christ.: Simeon the New Theologian. Vol. 1, 1993, p. 36);

– “The mind of the temperate is the Temple of the Holy Spirit; and the mind of a glutton is the dwelling of corvids” (Christ.: Thalassius Abba. 1900, p. 306);

“It is impossible to receive the All-Holy Spirit otherwise, unless someone, having withdrawn from everything that is in this age, devotes himself to seeking the love of Christ, so that the mind, freed from all worries about material things, is directed towards this only one goal, and thus is worthy to be in one Spirit with Christ...” (Christ.: Macarius of Egypt. 1998, p. 434);

– “Some of the brethren think that they cannot have the gifts of the Holy Spirit: for, due to negligence in keeping the commandments, they do not know that he who has true faith in Christ has in himself in short all the gifts of God. But since we, due to our idleness, are far from active love for Him, which would show us the Divine treasures within us, we rightly consider ourselves alien to the gifts of God” (Christ.: Maximus the Confessor. Four hundred chapters on love. 1900, p. 223);

– “Pray to the most good God, that He will send you the Holy Spirit of the Comforter, and He, having come, will teach you everything and reveal to you all the sacraments. Look for it in your guide; He will not allow delusion or dissipation in the heart, he will not allow negligence and despondency, or slumber in thought; will enlighten the eyes, strengthen the heart, elevate the mind” (Christ.: Barsanuphius the Great, John. 1995, p. 96);

- “When the soul calms down from the constant torment of passionate thoughts and the painful burning of the flesh fades, then know that the influx of the Holy Spirit has taken place within us, announcing the remission of past sins and the granting of dispassion to us” (Christian: Nikita Stifat. Active chapters first centenary 1900, p.97).

– “The betrothal of the Holy Spirit is inexplicable even for the one who acquired it, since it is comprehended incomprehensibly, held uncontrollably, seen invisibly; lives, speaks and moves the one who acquired it: it flies away from the mystery in which it remains sealed, and is again found there unexpectedly, which forms the conviction that just as its presence does not make it confirmed once and for all, so its departure is irrevocable, after which wouldn't come back. Thus, he who has acquired it, and when he does not have it (tangibly present), is as if he had it, and when he has it, he is in such a position as if he did not have it” (Christ.: Simeon the New Theologian. Creations. Vol. 2 1993, p.536).

In addition, St. the fathers describe various ways or forms of the Holy Spirit indwelling a person:

– Barsanuphius the Great was asked: “Can anyone say that the Holy Spirit lives in a sinner? And if he says that he does not have it in himself, then how, my Father, are sinners preserved?” He answered: “The saints are worthy to have the Holy Spirit within themselves and become His temple... Sinners are alien to this... They are preserved by His grace. So, in everything, let us give thanks to His ineffable goodness and love for mankind” (Christ.: Barsanuphius the Great, John. 1995, p. 280);

- according to Maximus the Confessor, the Holy Spirit dwells in everyone, although in different ways: “The Holy Spirit is in everyone in general, as it embraces everyone and provides for everyone, and sets in motion the natural seeds (of good) in everyone. But in those who are under the law, He is definitely there, as an indicator of the transgression of the commandments and an illuminator of the promise predicted regarding Christ. In all those who are according to Christ, besides what has been said, and as the bearer of sons, or the producer of adoptions” (Christ.: Maximus the Confessor. Four hundred chapters on love. 1900, p. 260); but, at the same time, “as the giver of wisdom, in none of the said persons, He is simply and unconditionally, but only in those who, understanding the matter, have made themselves worthy of His Divine infusion by their God-like life” (ibid.);

- and according to Basil the Great: “The Holy Spirit abides in everyone, but reveals His own power in those who are pure from passions, and not in those whose sovereignty of the soul is darkened by sinful impurities” (Christ.: Basil the Great. 2002, p. 5-6).

Macarius of Egypt explains the possibility of the presence of the Holy Spirit even in a sinner as follows: “The sun is a body and a creature, but, sanctifying stinking places, where there is mud and uncleanness, it does not suffer in the least, or is not defiled: how much more is the pure and Holy Spirit, abiding in the soul, which is still under the influence of the evil one, does not borrow anything from it, for the light shines in the darkness, and its darkness is not enveloped

(John 1:5)" (Christ.: Macarius of Egypt. 1998, p. 141).

Analyzing states of grace in their integrity and interconnectedness, we can identify the following pattern: as we move from sobriety and repentance to communion with God and acquisition of the Holy Spirit, an increase in the degree of intensity and coordination, integrity and harmony of these states is observed. In addition, in this case there is a decrease in the actual mental component in the states and an increase in the spiritual one. So, it is difficult to judge higher states from the point of view of lower states - the “ineffability”, the inexpressibility of the spiritual experience of a Christian ascetic is connected with this.

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